The Book Lovers' Retreat

Heidi Swain
Sunday Times Bestselling Author

The Book-Lovers' Retreat

The Book-Lovers Retreat.  The first standalone novel from Heidi Swain

The Book-Lovers’ Retreat

Set in the Lake District, tells the story of three friends who spend the whole summer in a hideaway cottage, the real-life setting of their favourite book. As the summer develops, so will their friendship, they will find love in all its forms and, as a result, their lives will change course forever…

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Perfect read
Absolutely fantastic read. Covered so much. Brilliant from beginning to end. Linda

Fantastic book
I’m giving this first stand alone book by Heidi Swain a standing ovation!
Such an interesting story with fascinating characters, who all have emotional or complex backstories that are shared in an intriguing way.
I loved the concept of experiencing a favourite book by living in the house where the movie adaptation was set ( I love watching movies that have been adapted from books) and I really wanted to visit the places so beautifully described in the Lake District. Some of the scenes captured my imagination of how it would be to stay there and the exciting experience of living out scenes from a favourite and well loved book.
Fantastic characters, who you could easily imagine being friends with, it was riveting to see them embrace their opportunities to find themselves and make important decisions about their futures. And it was lovely to see special connections being made too.
Such a gorgeous book that was incredibly entertaining and uplifting to read. A fantastic retreat for Heidi’s book loving fans! Sue Baker

What another fantastic book from Heidi Swain. I couldn't put it down, it made me laugh in places and I loved the characters. Definitely recommend reading it. A beautiful cover as well. Mrs RL Fowkes
A Warm Embrace of a Book.
This a story that starts slowly and before you know where you are it’s wrapped you snuggly in its embrace. Grizabella

Couldn't put it down!
What's not to love about a book about book lovers? This had me immersed from the very first page, I was totally invested in their lives from the off and was frequently surprised to still be in my house when I looked away for brief periods of time. I devoured this beautifully written bit of escapism in 2 days, my housework, gardening etc had to wait. I just about managed to feed the kids. 😂 10/10 Heidi. Tee

A joy to read
A new Heidi Swain book is always a treat, and this one is set in a new location. So needless to say, I was very excited to get my hands on it!
I really enjoyed this book. I absolutely loved the concept, of a holiday for fans of a book and film. I loved the execution too, the way things weren’t quite as expected, but still worked out really well. Roberta Reads

I’ve loved Heidi Swain’s previous books however this was brilliantly different in that it’s in a new location with totally new characters and such an original storyline. S. Goldthorpe

Can I just run away to Hope Falls now?
Oh wow Heidi has done it again! Can I just run away to Hope Falls now? I absolutely adored this book. From the very first page to the very last page I was engrossed in the story.
Three friends book the summer trip of a lifetime to the setting of their favourite book and film. I instantly fell in love with the cottage and the local area. Heidi always manages to write such vivid settings and this one is no exception. Emma (Star Crossed Reviews)

An absolutely beautiful read
I absolutely loved this book❤️. Friendship, love, holiday fun, and much more. I was totally absorbed by the characters and the story. I didn't want the book to end. Yet another wonderful book from Heidi-Jo. And now to look forward to the next book.....oh I forgot to add. Its worth more than 5 stars 🌟 🤩 ✨️ Emma Lambert
The Most Perfect Book!
Heidi Swain is one of my go-to authors when I need cheering up. Her stories are always heart-warming, charming and sweet. But that's not to say there is no drama and angst too.
The BLR is absolutely typical Heidi style, but it's also much, much more.
This story about a group of friends who are fanatics of a certain book and the subsequent film adaptation, which is set in the Lake District. I absolutely adored a book being set "oop North", particularly as Heidi usually writes about locations I've never visited, but am desperate to.
The book and film featured is entirely fictional, (I had to ask Heidi, as it all seems so real and plausible, and I want to read THAT book too!), but would make a great follow on book for all of us who have read and loved BLR. I feel like that made no sense, but I know what I was trying to say! The characters are absolute perfection (except one, and IYKYK). The tension and drama was delicious and the connections between them all was so real. I want to go on holiday with them! The dialogue was so easy to follow, and flowed perfectly.Honestly, I can't fault a single second of this book!
Next time someone asks me which fictional book I would most like to live in, it will absolutely, no hesitation, be The Book-Lover's Retreat by Heidi Swain!! I adored this book, I have already read it twice and I will recommend it to EVERYONE! Trish H
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