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Heidi Swain
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The Summer Fair

The Summer Fair takes you back to Nightingale Square with the Sunday Times bestselling author Heidi Swain

Join Heidi Swain back in Nightingale Square for a sunshine and celebration filled summer…

Beth loves her job working in a care home, looking after its elderly residents, but she doesn’t love the cramped and dirty house-share she currently lives in. So, when she gets the opportunity to move to Nightingale Square, sharing a house with the lovely Eli, she jumps at the chance.

The community at Nightingale Square welcomes Beth with open arms, and when she needs help to organise a fundraiser for the care home they rally round. Then she discovers The Arches, a local creative arts centre, has closed and the venture to replace it needs their help too – but this opens old wounds and past secrets for Beth.

Music was always an important part of her life, but now she has closed the door on all that. Will her friends at the care home and the people of Nightingale Square help her find a way to learn to love it once more…?

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The perfect summer escape
Heidi Swain does it again! These aren’t the type of books I normally read but I will forever read all of Heidi’s as her books are what made me fall in love with reading again, and this one did not disappoint.
This definitely gave me summer vibes and loved visiting nightingale square again.
Love a story line to do with a house share, you just knowwww!
Eli is a dream, I bloody loved him, I honestly pictured Tom Holland or Timothee Chalamet when I think of him. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ Beth is a breath of fresh air and I could resemble with her in so many ways because of her job, working in a care home (which I’ve also previously done). This book covers heartbreak yet heartwarming topics and definitely not one to be missed. Redheadthatreads

Great summer book
Another great book from Heidi, super choice to read on holiday. Kindle Customer

A thoroughly enjoyable story
Another fabulous story from Heidi Swain. We return to Nightingale square, one of the friendliest sounding places to live, with the most wonderful community. We are introduced to Beth who is a carer in a residential home for the elderly where Harold ( a previous resident of the square) lives. He asks Beth to accompany him back to the square where he is still part of the gardening group there. This is where Beth's otherwise difficult life starts to change with the magic that seems to ooze out of Nightingale square. I loved the connection between Beth's work place & the square & I absolutely loved meeting the residents & waiting to hear what antics they would get up to next. A thoroughly enjoyable book.

A great read

Lovely to be back in Nightingale square . A great story about music, losing your mother and choosing between friend or girlfriend and an old people’s home. Wow made you think about retirement and how we treat mature people. The home was full of characters . Beth was a great asset to the home and she cared . A great read. Heidi Swain is a fab writer and you can read this book as a stand alone. Rosamond C
Oozing with warmth and charm
Settle in for another trip to Nightingale Square, full of love and sunshine that will warm your heart.
Beth loves her job at a local care home for the elderly. She isn’t so keen on her living arrangements, so when a house share on Nightingale Square becomes available Beth jumps at the chance.
Sharing with neat freak Eli isn’t all plain sailing, but as their friendship grows they may just be exactly what the other needs to put ghosts to rest and move forward with life. Sarah K

Excellent read

This was an absolutely wonderful read. It was touching and heart warming. The setting in a care home was something a little different and really made for a great read. Beth was a really wonderful character and her move to Nightingale Square was so life changing for her. It was wonderful to see the character overcoming so much grief and heartbreak but coming out so much better at the other side. Loved it. Carol

A really good read

A really lovely read. Another charming and heartwarming novel from Heidi Swain. Lovely warm hearted characters that are bought to life as you get into the story..Beth has struggled since she lost her mum but when she moves into a new flat and into a welcoming community things begin to slowly change and music which was once a big part of her life will once more help her get over her loss. and with the help of old and new friends she can finally find happiness again. Barbara Boyles


Could not put off down. A triumph once again and leaves me wanting more cannot wait for the next book from an amazing author. Amazon Customer

This is a lovely warm-hearted read based again in the lovely small community of Nightingale Square, this time featuring the lovely Beth who has long turned her back of her dreams and now lives a small life getting by day to day until of of the wonderful nursing home residents where she works asks a favour of her which finally turns out to be the start of something good for her. S. Goldthorpe

Fantastic return to Nightingale square, Amazing read
This felt like coming home when returning to Nightingale square, catching up with old friends while becoming enthralled in the lives of new ones. This centres around Beth who works in the local care home while pushing through a number of sadnesses to find the person she used to be. Although this is part of a series it is also a very easy standalone book that won’t leave you confused if you haven’t read the previous books (but if you haven’t you really should as you would be in for a treat). Fantastic book, perfect escapism from real life. Recommend this to anyone xx Helen

A great read

Lovely to be back in Nightingale square . A great story about music, losing your mother and choosing between friend or girlfriend and an old people’s home. Wow made you think about retirement and how we treat mature people. The home was full of characters . Beth was a great asset to the home and she cared . A great read. Heidi Swain is a fab writer and you can read this book as a stand alone. Rosamond C

Great book
Another great book!
Lovely to return to Nightingale Square:-)
Read this over two days! Was so engrossed in the storyline and didn’t want it to end. Kerry Ackroyd
Heidi knows how to tell a good story!
I read this over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend when the sun was shining and it really helped transport me to Nightingale Square.
As this is book 4 (but could easily be read as a standalone), it was so nice to be reunited with some of the previous characters. I'm sure I have said it before but the Square and the Grow Well garden really does sound idyllic with all the wonderful residents and a proper sense of community. Lisa M

Another lovely book
Another beautiful book by Heidi set in Nightingale Square.
Beth is a lovely young woman who lost her mum and her future ambitions at the age of 19. It was lovely to meet Harold again and for him to introduce Beth to the Nightingale Square posse.
Loved meeting the old characters and lots of new ones too. The residents of the old people’s home were great fun and I loved the mix of music, plants and pizza in this book.
Another lovely uplifting book by Heidi, and I’m so pleased I got a sneak preview during my half term holiday. Loved the community feel of this book and a reminder of the importance of doing things we enjoy to make us happy.. Karenk is reading

A joy to read
Heidi Swain has become a treasured favourite author.
This was such an enjoyable and relaxing read. I loved returning to Nightingale Square, and seeing some of my favourite characters again, as well as getting to know some new ones.
I really liked the music theme that ran all through this book, and the way that Eli and Beth both worked out ways to let it back into their lives how they wanted. I really liked Beth she’s been through a lot, but although she’s obviously still grieving, she’s still a kind and compassionate person, and hasn’t become bitter.
Overall, this book was a joy to read, a lovely combination of romance and character development. I highly recommend it.
TW: grief is a part of this story, but it’s in no way an unhappy story. Roberta Reads
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